Building a Better Dog Beach

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The receptionist at Mike Shively Architecture announces your presence with fanfare and gusto normally reserved for royalty. By the time you’ve made it a few steps past the door, Finland has already run a couple laps around the office. In a final flourish, the exuberant Scottie slides to a stop at your feet and looks up with a smile.

Mutt Jackson. Finland, Mike Shively

“Well, after that a handshake from me doesn’t seem like much of a hello,” Mike says. “But really, who can compete with a dog?”

And if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. Which is exactly what Mike did when he agreed to design the new Mutt Jackson structure at Montrose Dog Beach.

“I’ve been a dog owner all my adult life, so when Paul first presented me with the concept I was immediately hooked,” Mike says while unrolling his design. Finland promptly jumps up to Mike’s side and the two begin to review the plan.

Mutt Jackson. Finland, Mike Shively

“The site itself provides a lot of inspiration. The existing boat launch piers provide a perfect foundation for a structure which can be expanded over time. Because we’re never just looking at the task at hand, but the larger vision of what this place can be and how it can grow and evolve.”

Mutt Jackson. Finland, Mike Shively

Finland shakes his tail in approval than takes off on another lap around the office. “He’s not usually this energetic, but then again, we’re not usually designing a project at the dog beach either. Like all of us here at Mike Shively Architecture, that must be why he’s so excited.”

Mutt Jackson. Finland, Mike Shively

From all of us here at Mutt Jackson, and behalf of all those who have worked to make this dream come to life, we couldn’t be more excited to launch our flagship location at Montrose Dog Beach this month. Our goal is to make the best dog beach even better by offering self-service dog wash stations, a retail shop and so much more.

We are incredibly grateful for all the work our construction partners have done to work with Mike Shively Architecture to help us build a better dog beach. Those partners thus far include RJR Construction Services, LP Plumbing, Cali Bamboo and Evanston Lumber.

We’re eager to show you what we’ve built, so we’re opening our space to the public this Memorial Day Weekend. Hope to see you out there!

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