Fido's Pet Care Products

Mutt Jackson is thrilled to be a distributor of Fido's grooming products. We use Fido's Everyday Shampoo in our K9000s at Montrose Dog Beach and at Urban Pooch Training and Fitness Center.

Our customers love the shampoo so much that we sought out becoming the Fido's first and only US distributor.

Fido’s is an Australian-based company that began in 1970 when a veterinarian named Dr. John Lamberth made it his life’s mission to improve animal welfare. In his private practice, Dr. Lamberth noticed everything was either dosed for humans or had to be specially made by a pharmaceutical compounder. This led him to create Fido’s, originally out of a large shed in his backyard in Australia.

The company has only grown from there, leading the way in quality and good manufacturing practices. Members of Dr. Lamberth's family have joined the company over the years, including his daughter, Terese, who is now the company's CEO. Today, Fido’s continues its mission of providing exceptional pet care products for pet owners.

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