The Just Love Project 019: The Wrigley Welcome Wagon

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Every day can be a victory parade if you’ve got the right attitude. Just ask Badger & Angus.

Along with their humans, Christy & Matthew, the four live in Chicago’s Wrigleyville neighborhood, where they’ve grown an adoring fan base roaming the streets near Wrigley Field. Gamedays, off days, rain, shine, win, lose – it’s not hard to find Badger & Angus, in custom #1 & #2 Cubs jerseys, somewhere near Clark and Addison, delighting just about anyone who walks by.

Angus (left) & Badger (right)

Christy & Matthew moved to Wrigleyville just a year prior to the Cubs’ Historic 2016 World Series Victory. Even as lifelong Cubs fans, at the time Christy wasn’t sure what was a bigger long shot: the Cubs finally breaking the curse or she becoming “one of those crazy dog moms.”

“I always thought dogs dressed up were kind of ridiculous,” Christy says. “Now I’m the mom with half a closet of dog jerseys and bandanas. And a wagon.”

Badger riding in the infamous Badger & Angus wagon

It started with every day walks around the neighborhood. After the addition of the jerseys, the phenomenon was born. It was clear just about anyone that met Badger & Angus adored them just as much as Christy & Matt. They’ve made appearances on WGN, the Today Show, Fox News, and ESPN. They’ve chatted with Cubs Manager and fellow bulldog owner Joe Madden outside the stadium.

Even without their Cubs gear, they’ve become something of local celebrities.

“It’s shocking sometimes how many people know who they are,” Christy says.

But to Christy, it’s not the recognition she’s after. It’s the simple joy seeing someone else light up at her two stocky, grinning, curious companions. And when it comes to the most impassioned, emotional responses, those often belong to the fans enjoying their own . . . parade between local establishments.

“We’ve had criers before,” Christy says with a laugh. “No matter what, it’s just so cool to see how happy they can make other people.”

The simple joys are usually the sweetest. And although Christy loves sharing Badger & Angus with all of their loving fans, one of her all-time favorite sights is one at home – something any dog owner can relate to, but in a perfect, tail-less bulldog sort of way way: The Welcome Home Butt Shakes.

“They will never fail to put a smile on my face,” Christy says.

In our book, that’s a victory worth celebrating.

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