The Just Love Project 020: Present Company Perfected

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Nearly four years ago, Michele Borello lost her mother after a rapid health decline. Already planning on adopting a dog, Michele brought Butch home within days of her mother’s passing. Looking back on the experience now, she’s not sure how she would have endured the time without him.

“He absolutely got me through the grieving process,” Michele says.

With a temperament as calm as his face is fluffy, Butch’s strengths revealed themselves early on. After a few less-than-exuberant visits to Camp Dogwood, home to about every dog-sporting activity imaginable, Michele declared him “more of an arts and crafts dog.”

Excited about arts and crafts

“He loves every human and every dog he meets,” Michele says. “He’s just sort of . . . lazy.”

While agility courses and beach runs might not be Butch’s speed, he had no trouble finding it in local therapy work. Butch showed his knack for bringing a smile to anyone who needs it when he was just a pup. Now, he does it in weekly visits to assisted-living residences, schools, and hospice care centers near their home in Plainfield, Illinois.

Spreading smiles while visiting an assisted-living residence

For Michele, the sessions of wagging tails, smiling faces, and attentive ears is the best thing going. And even with some residents suffering from significant memory loss, Butch’s impression is often a lasting one.

“They remember Butch. They remember his name, even where he likes to be scratched,” Michele says, “it’s amazing to watch them light up when they see him.”

To the many who look forward to when Butch stops by, he’s much more than just an occasional visitor. He’s the highlight of the week. His photo makes it onto living room mantles and even scrapbook pages made by families to celebrate the lives of their loved ones who have passed.  

Doing what he does best – loving unconditionally

Butch might be indifferent about the whole running, jumping, and swimming side of doghood. He may even need the occasional reminder that ‘walks’ should sound more enjoyable than lounging around the house. But sitting, listening, and loving someone exactly the way they need it . . . well that’s a trick he’s mastered. And for Michele & Butch alike – they’d have it no other way.

“I get way more out of it than I give,” Michele says. “And so does Butch.”  

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