The Just Love Project 024: Feeling Right at Home

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“She was convinced we were gonna leave her in the woods.”

Megan adopted Sophie in 2009 and lived in Chicago ever since. This was their first camping trip. While Sophie had no logical cause for concern, she just felt a little out of her element.

“She had just gotten groomed, she had bows in her hair . . . she was at her most hoity-toity city girl status,” Megan remembers. “She hated every second of it.”

Sophie avoided the dirt like it was quicksand. She howled at firewood, glared at her humans, and demanded to be hoisted to small patches of concrete nearby to do her business. A city girl through and through.

That trip is one of Megan’s favorite memories of Sophie, and it’s one that serves as a great example of all the two of them have in common, and how much they’ve shared together. And, at nine years and counting together, it’s quite a bit.

They’ve learned the ins and outs of canine city life and become regulars at their favorite dog parks. They’ve attended White Sox Dog Day games together, including their first visit when Sophie thought the grounds crew might appreciate some extra fertilizer in the outfield. They’ve playdated, trick or treated, swam, snacked, and slobbered their hearts out.

Take me out to the ballgame . . . .

As a lifelong Chicagoan, Sophie seems to love her hometown. And, the biggest reason why is the same one a lot of Chicagoans might give: the people. And the summertime. And the food. But mostly the people. With years of routine visits to places like Montrose Dog Beach, Sophie has never met a human she didn’t love. Even if to a fault sometimes.

Waiting for summer.

“Sometimes I actually wish she had a little more stranger danger in her,” Megan says, “especially when it’s late and night and still all she wants is to be pet and loved on.”

Even at now 14, Sophie’s constant love for people hasn’t waned. It’s something Megan has even come to admire and draw inspiration from.   

“Her default reaction is truly to be friends with everyone. And, that’s pretty awesome. I think it’s an approach people should take more often.”

Many would deservingly call Megan one heck of a dog mom, but she sees it a little differently.

“We’re more gal pals. She’s been my roommate, my buddy, my travel partner for so long,” Megan says. Because like any loving relationship, Megan knows it’s always a two-way street.

“We have dogs because they take care for us too.”

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