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The Just Love Project 002: Meet Shelly Burke – MonDog’s Social Media Master

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If you’re one of the tens of thousands of people who has checked into Montrose Dog Beach’s Facebook page, then you’ve got Shelly Burke – MonDog’s Social Media Manager – to thank. And if you’ve ever posted a question or concern to the page, you know MonDog typically responds within minutes. (Don’t take our word for it – check out the info in the about section of the page.)

When it comes to organizing and maintaining MonDog’s digital presence, Shelly is a one woman army. There’s no bots or interns posting or replying to queries at all hours of the day – just Shelly. So what motivates her to put all that effort into MonDog?

It started when Shelly’s parents, MonDog Board members Caty and Mike, needed a place for Sadie, their energetic new pup, to burn off energy. The Burkes quickly agreed that since Montrose Dog Beach gave so much to Sadie they should give back to Montrose Dog Beach.

Sadie at Montrose Dog Beach

For Sadie, for the beach, and for all the people/pups who visit – Shelly gives back by being an outstanding ambassador for MonDog. As for her hopes for the future?

“I’m hoping that we’ll get more involvement from the community at upcoming events. We were lucky enough to have some students from East Leyden High School join us for our clean-up with Alliance of the Great Lakes and they will be joining us again for our kick-off clean-up on April 22nd with Friends of the Parks.”

If you’d like to get involved with MonDog’s Earth Day cleanup and stay up to date on all the latest news, follow the beach’s Facebook page. Feel free to post any questions about the beach/event you might have. As always, Shelly will have you covered!

This blog post is part of Mutt Jackson’s THE JUST LOVE PROJECT. On a weekly basis, we’re posting stories that highlight the moments of love and kindness we discover through experiences with our fellow humans and dogs. We’re starting with stories centered around our beloved Montrose Dog Beach and will expand worldwide.

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