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America’s Best Dog Friendly Beach*
Just Got Even Friendlier

Montrose Dog Beach | Chicago, IL

We're Washing Dogs! Light Construction In Progress.

* Officially named in USA Today’s 10 Best People’s Choice Contest. Click here to learn more.

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Building on a Community

Since 2003, Chicago’s Montrose Dog Beach has provided Chicago residents and their canine companions with a lakefront experience unlike any other. As longtime dog owners and visitors of the beach, we’ve spent countless hours watching our mutts run, dig, fetch and frolic until their tongues find permanent homes on the side of their mouths.

We also know what it’s like to watch them not miss a beat and bring all that dirty, sandy joy into the back seat of your car. And, then your living room.

Thus, the self-service Mutt Jackson dog wash stations were born. But that’s only the beginning. We’re creating an environment that will feature dog training and agility classes, community events and much, much more.


Mutt Jackson’s flagship location is located in the area that was formerly used as a boat launch.
The structure is built on top of the cement area on the northwestern corner.

A Brief History

Susan Kimmelman’s vision of creating Chicago’s first off-leash dog beach becomes a reality.

Mutt Jackson has an Idea: dirty, sandy dogs need to be washed, so we approached the Chicago Park District about the concept and partnered with SquarePlanet.

We gained the support of MonDog, Lincoln Park Advisory Council, Alderman Cappelman and others.

We investigated how to obtain the water, drainage and electrical service necessary to make our idea a reality.

  Early 2016
We partnered with Mike Shively Architecture to design the site and structure, and Urban Pooch Training & Fitness Center, and obtained Chicago Park District approval.

   October-November, 2016
We broke ground to install the rain garden and decking, complete with a Rope Chewing Ceremony.

   March-April, 2017
Infrastructure was put in place to install two self-service dog wash stations for Spring testing.

  May 2017 – Testing!
We conducted tests of the dog washes over Memorial Day Weekend. The Public came out to sneak a peek at the new equipment and check out the space.

The facility combines a 500 sq. ft. structure with a 1,000 sq. ft. deck, a rain garden, and a 2,000 sq. ft. fenced in area for dog training and agility classes.

Looking Forward

  Later in 2017 – Grand Opening!
We’re aiming to be fully operational and open for majority of the Summer months.

A close-in view of the structure features the dog wash stations and a zen rock drainage garden to the South.

A view looking West features the open air structure, deck, hideaway doors on either side (that will be closed during off hours), and the storefront to the right.

The enclosed structure will initially contain two Tru Blu Dog Wash K9000 dog wash stations branded with Mutt Jackson graphics. There will be space within the enclosed structure to install a third dog wash station at a later date.

Clean Dogs. Happy Humans.

$15 for a wash. Totally worth it.

Each of our self-service wash stations allow dog owners to conveniently wash any size dog in a safe, affordable and fun way. Payment is made by either simply swiping a credit/debit card, tapping your NFC wireless device, or by insterting our special tokens. A controlled wash area part of every unit, complete with a swing door allowing larger dogs to step into the compartment for washing.

Self-Service Wash Settings:

  • Rinse
  • Shampoo
  • De-Flea and De-Tick Shampoo
  • Condition
  • Disinfect the Wash Tub Interior
  • Blow-Dry on Low or High
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