The Just Love Project 013: Fletch, Grace, & Fergus

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Life has got a lot more color with the right cast of characters. Just ask Katie, her husband Andy, & their three golden retrievers: Fergus, Grace, & Fletch. As they’re known collectively as the “Hippie Goldens.” And, while there’s much they each have in common, their personalities complement each other like a great, well-rounded ensemble. “It’s absolutely a sitcom,” Katie …

The Just Love Project 012: Lending a Helpful Hans

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Big or small, for better or worse, expectations govern much of our lives. Dogs have their own sets of expectations too, they’re just usually a little simpler. And mostly tied to walks and treats. Helen and Hans, an Illinois-native human and White German Shepherd respectively, are a great example of the fickle and funny nature of what we expect. Growing …

The Just Love Project 011: Charlie and the Happiness Factory

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“I told myself I wasn’t gonna adopt another dog.” It’s okay, Justin – we all say things we don’t mean. In his own words, longtime Chicagoan Justin Hagman is “A 50 year old truck-driving bachelor, so I’m kind of a no-nonsense guy.” So when heading to the adoption event that ultimately brought him Charlie, he admits that, “Yeah I don’t …

The Just Love Project 010: Ragnar – the Fearless, Hairy, Drunk Uncle, Viking Dog of Love

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“Aren’t you so glad you were wrong?”  A loving family has many sounds. In the case of Jessica, her husband David, & their Aussiedoodle, Ragnar, that question is most certainly one of them. Today, Jessica & David couldn’t imagine living life without their furry, enigmatic Ragnar. But less than two years ago, that wasn’t exactly the case. For Jessica, it …

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The Just Love Project 006: Meet Zippity – An Unfinished Love Story

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Not all stories start at the beginning. For many dogs, the beginning reads much more like the end. Zippity, a three-year-old “court case” Pitbull has such a story. Zippity ended up with Chicago Animal Care and Control when her original owner was suspected of training her for dog-fighting. For a long time, dogs in her position were treated as evidence …

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The Just Love Project 005: Sheri Rush – On Montrose Dog Beach’s Past, Present and Future

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Before Montrose Dog Beach was permanently recognized by the City, and before there was even a fence, Sheri Rush and her Golden Retriever, Max, were regular visitors to the nascent Dog-Friendly Area. “I adopted this massive, energetic Golden, and I knew he needed a place to run. Like most people, I had no backyard, but I was fortunate to have …

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The Just Love Project 004: When The Dog Beach is The Best Medicine

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Xena, a fourteen-year-old Rottweiler, rests quietly beside Maggie Jablonska’s desk at the Servpro offices in Ravenswood. “Two years ago, I was certain I would have to put her down,” Maggie says. Xena was sick, stressed, and the prescribed thyroid medication only seemed to make her condition worse. “My marathon training partner could barely walk. I couldn’t have run that race …