The Just Love Project 003: Meet Caty & Mike Burke – MonDog’s Daily Stewards

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On a bitingly cold morning, spring only in name, Caty and Mike Burke lean into the wind while opening the beach gate for their dog, Sadie. You can tell how long someone’s been visiting the dog beach based on their clothing, and the Burke’s well-worn, utilitarian layers are a mark of experience. For this trio, beach days are not a …

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The Just Love Project 002: Meet Shelly Burke – MonDog’s Social Media Master

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If you’re one of the tens of thousands of people who has checked into Montrose Dog Beach’s Facebook page, then you’ve got Shelly Burke – MonDog’s Social Media Manager – to thank. And if you’ve ever posted a question or concern to the page, you know MonDog typically responds within minutes. (Don’t take our word for it – check out …

The Just Love Project 001: Meet Bill Sonntag – President of MonDog

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“I couldn’t stand the trash,” Bill Sonntag begins as he reflects on when he first came to Montrose Dog Beach over five years ago. “At first I thought about calling or complaining to someone. How could they let this beautiful beach become piled with litter?” “But then I realized that I am “they,” Bill continues with a laugh. “I guess …