Montrose Dog Beach, Chicago, Mutt Jackson

The Just Love Project 007: There’s No Place Like Home (Montrose Dog Beach)

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“We were fostering Toby and I returned him to PAWS just before Christmas because I was sure he would be adopted. I was absolutely right – he was adopted the very next day. By me!”

Kat laughs while Toby flies across the sand around her feet. It’s a beautiful afternoon, with people & dogs scattered along the shore, but Toby only has eyes for Kat. It seems neither one can live without the other.

Montrose Dog Beach, Chicago, Mutt Jackson

“That was five years ago, and we’ve been coming to the dog beach ever since,” Kat says.

Kat is a flight attendant, and Toby is travel sized, so the two have been all over the country together. But no matter how far they travel, they always end up back at Montrose Dog Beach.

“People don’t believe me when I say Chicago has a beautiful dog beach, so they’re always blown away when they see it for themselves. And to be honest, I still feel the same way each time we visit. We’re so lucky that no matter where we go, we always get to come home to this beach.”

Montrose Dog Beach, Chicago, Mutt Jackson

“And the best part is this home is big enough for all of us!”

If you’d like to help us with some spring cleaning around the “house,” don’t forget to join MonDog tomorrow morning (Saturday, April 22) anytime between 9am-12pm for the Earth Day Cleanup. Dogs welcome!

This blog post is part of Mutt Jackson’s THE JUST LOVE PROJECT. On a weekly basis, we’re posting stories that highlight the moments of love and kindness we discover through experiences with our fellow humans & dogs. We’re starting with stories centered around our beloved Montrose Dog Beach and will expand worldwide.

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