Wanna Have a Ball?

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As just about anyone who’s ever had a dog can attest, tennis balls aren’t for tennis at all. They’re tickets to a different world.

It’s understandable why.

For a pup, a game of fetch means they’re free to run. It means they have a clearly defined task and they’re (usually) very successful at completing it. Over. And over. Tennis balls are easy to find, never a pain to carry and, to both humans and canines, usually signal a time to enjoy the simple pleasures in life.

Or they badger you enough to throw it inside and you break something. But that sort of comes with the territory.

At Mutt Jackson, we’ve been aiming for Memorial Day Weekend as the public debut of our K9000 self-service dog washes at Montrose Dog Beach. Mother Nature didn’t quite get aligned to our plans. So while we can’t quite YET open the dog washes to the public, we want to give our fellow MDB lovers something to make their beach trip a little better: Mutt Jackson tennis balls!

Come join us between 11 – 5pm at Montrose Dog Beach tomorrow, Saturday, May 27th to get yours!

We’re coming with 150. We’d love to leave with zero. Very soon we’ll be able to let you leave MDB with a CLEAN dog. Until then, we thought the least we could do was contribute to your pup getting a little sandier. Happier, but sandier.

Hope to see you tomorrow!