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Where it all started...

Since 2003, Chicago’s Montrose Dog Beach has provided Chicago residents and their canine companions with a lakefront experience unlike any other. As longtime dog owners and visitors of the beach, we’ve spent countless hours watching our mutts run, dig, fetch and frolic until their tongues find permanent homes on the side of their mouths. We also know what it’s like to watch them not miss a beat and bring all that dirty, sandy joy into the back seat of your car. And, then your living room. 

Thus, the self-service Mutt Jackson dog wash stations were born. But that’s only the beginning. We’re creating an environment that will feature dog training and agility classes, community events and much, much more.

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Montrose Dog Beach

Mutt Jackson’s flagship location is located in the area that was formerly used as a boat launch. The structure is built on top of the cement area on the northwestern corner.


The Mutt Jackson Dog Wash allows dog owners to wash any size dog in a safe, affordable, and fun way. In approximately 10 minutes, the dog owner can: rinse, shampoo, condition, disinfect the wash stations interior, and blow dry on a low or high setting!

Chatfield State Park

Our location in Chatfield State Park in Littleton, Colorado features three self-service dog wash stations with brand new tech! We are a fully self-reliant dog wash. We use solar power to run our machines, and have created a water recycling system so that we may bring in our own water and recycle it. This means we use no resources from the state park!

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